Facebook Geo Status Concept

Twitter Geo Status Concept

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, ┬áit’s only a matter of time before we see Facebook utilising user location via its mobile site. I think it fits in perfectly for status updates done on the move on WAP or SMS, even for mobile uploads.

Friends could glance at their newsfeed on the go and see where friends are, potentially this will be far more useful than Google Latitude as not all my friends have a Gmail account or compatible Latitude phone whereas all of them have a Facebook account.

Obviously there would be user control such as a tick box to toggle displaying your location or choosing to only display it to certain groups you have defined (work, family etc).

The problem they would have is that user location is only available to the operator when accessing websites on your mobile. They would have to do a deal with every mobile network which doesn’t sound too far fetched considering Facebook is Vodafones most browsed mobile site and deals have been done with O2 and Vodafone previously, Twitter too.

In Q4 2008 Facebook mobile hit over 15 million users and is growing at a crazy rate (up from 5 million at the beginning of 2008). Nearly 20% of its user base are now on mobile.

I think this would be a cool feature to Facebook/Twitter and would enhance the experience. What do you think?