Nandos Mobile SiteIt’s a shame when one of the best restaurants in the world launches a mobile site that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Nandos now have a very simple mobile site that allows you to find your nearest restaurant and check the menu (like you don’t already know what your gonna have). Admittedly nothing ground breaking is going on here, my love of peri-peri chicken encouraged me to write about this but it did raise some interesting questions about the usefulness of these sort of WAP sites.

I wonder how WAP store finder/presence sites will be affected as more and more phones come with map applications.

Could it be more valuable to Nandos and other establishments to pay for sponsored search results in applications like Google Maps Mobile rather than build dedicated WAP sites? For example when people search for ‘food’ or ‘restaurant’ Nandos comes up first in the results on Google Maps Mobile.¬† Check out the Hilton example here.

I have the feeling that companies like Google will offer more features to businesses that advertise within maps like allowing menus and products to be uploaded or even organising test drives for dealerships. Small companies don’t usually have the money or the know how to get WAP sites built. ¬†Self contained ‘mini sites’ in local search applications could be the answer to this.

Head over to to check out the site.