After writing about the best of Nike’s mobile marketing campaigns, I started to think all the cool football ads they have produced over the years. I’ve compiled a list of my personal top 17 ads in no particular order, although after some thought I think “Nike Take It To The Next Level” is my number one.

What’s your favourite?

Nike Airport

One of the best,  I remember the buzz going around when this came out in 1998 and all the lads humming the tune on the football pitch every time they did a bit of skill.

Nike Ninjas

Apart from the nice bit of skill Davids does, I like how him and Bierhoff leave the rest of their football friends to blow up in the building.

Nike Beach

Just about made it into the list for the bit of skill Ronaldo does in the first couple of seconds.

Nike Secret Tournament

Nike actually ran these 3v3 tournaments across the UK after the ad campaign with the winning team playing in Brazil against Ronaldinho. Loads of good skills, top trump style teams and Cantona being mental.

Check out the rematch!

Nike Good Vs Evil

If there is one ad most people remember it’s this one. Could have possibly started off the trend for the big budget football ads as everything seemed to get bigger and better after this. I love the bit with Wrighty getting booked and moaning.

Nike Brazil Vs Portugal

Absolutely love this one, the Ronaldinho skill is disgusting. Cue loads of boys in the park trying to replicate it.

Nike Park Life

Immensely popular grassroots ad from Nike. Filmed at Hackney Marshes in London featuring Cantona, Fowler and Ian Wright.  Somehow they have made the pitches look playable which is only true 2 weeks of the year. I love these sorts of ads as they engage you on a much more personal level.

Adidas Jose +10

My favourite Adidas ad, reminds me of playing ‘World Cup’ down the five-a-side pitches as a kid and choosing your favourite player to be in a knock-out game.

Nike Take It To The Next Level

A modern classic, I don’t care if people say the director Guy Richie store the idea from The Prodigy video its brilliant. I love the way it mixes the feeling of armature level football with the pro stuff, part of the reason I also like the Park Life ad. Definitely captured the imagination of every football fan.

Adidas – Road To Lisbon

Starts off with some weird cuts to black and white but overall a star studded ad that’s pleasant but still short of the stuff Nike produce

Adidas Predator Clone Match

Yep that’s Paul Gascoigne grabbing er Paul Gascoignes privates.

Adidas Predator – How To Play Like A Brazilian

Very old Adidas Predator ad way before super star footballers were in every ad. Great ad though.

Puma – Cameroon Eto Advert

Puma rarely put out good football TV ads but I really liked the connection of the light and fast football boot speedily moving the kid through his career.

Nike Joga Bonito

Great series of ads on TV and online with the focus on skill. Arguably the most popular was this video with Ronaldinho hitting the bar over and over again. I actually had to spend considerable amounts of time arguing with people who thought this was for real. Great Viral. Check out the response to the vid from Ronaldo who says at the end “You’re meant to get the ball in the net mate”.

Other great Joga Bonito ads include Ronaldo Vs Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho as a kid and Brazil trio (amazing) and Brazil changing room.

Adidas F50+

Quite an epic ad, nice touch with Cisse on the stretcher (had a broken leg around that time) the slow mo ending at the end is my favourite bit.

Adidas Viral Adverts – Gerrard Clay Pigeon and Beckham Basketball

These supposedly could feature on TV according to Brand Republic so i’ve included them anyway. Seems like Adidas are copying Nike a bit with the computer trickery stuff, still nicely done.

Update! Got to add this one