Updated 06/10/09 : I’ve added the videos for each campaign

You have got to hand it to Nike and their agencies, time after time they produce some really innovative and engaging mobile marketing campaigns.

It seems like Nike totally trusts its agencies and lets the mobile experts there do what they do best.  Campaigns have mobile at the center rather than a text call to action awkwardly shoe horned in at the end, because of this you get some fantastic, groundbreaking work.

Here are my favourite picks:

Nike iD Interactive Billboard – Times Square, New York

Nike New York Mobile Interactive Billboard
Nike launched a 23-story interactive billboard in times Square displaying customisable footwear from the Nike iD range.

You dial the number that appears on the billboard and use your phones keypad to start customising the on-screen shoe….in real time! You then get sent a text message with a link to download a wallpaper of your design or even buy it.

The beautiful thing about this is that it works on every phone, no apps, no software, just a simple phonecall. Brilliant.

Check out the larger image here or the video below:

Nike Photo iD – Customise Footwear Via MMS

Nike iD MMS

This idea was just simply delicious. You take a picture of something you like the look of on your phone, send it to a number as a picture message, then you get back the link to your shoe, completely customised using the colours extracted from the photo!

Just like the billboard campaign, you can then download it as a wallpaper or go on and purchase the shoe.

It’s a shame such a good idea didn’t get promoted more, I would have like to have seen this as part of a print, outdoor or TV campaign. This is another mobile execution where pratically every handset is compatible. Check out the Youtube promo video below.

This campaign deservedly picked up a number of awards, including IMA and MMA.

The agency behind this was AKQA and the picture recognition technology by Mobile Aquity

Nike Zoom China – Bluetooth Stopwatch

Nike China - Bluetooth BillboardAnother award winner, this time using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth enabled billboard ads appeared in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, as passersby approached they receieved a message telling them to run to the nearest Nike store as fast as possible.

A virtual stopwatch is activated the moment the person receieves the message, once they get to the store with their mobile the time is stopped.  Everyday the store gave away a pair of running shoes to the fastest person, their name also appeared on the billboard the next day

The campaign stats are pretty immense for something running 3 weeks.

Across three cities in three weeks: 250 000 Bluetooth messages delivered, 15 000 participants and 63 pairs of Nike Zoom shoes awarded, 1.7 billion online impressions, 19 million print impressions and 17 million OOH target audience impressions.

15,000 participants! To put that in perspective it’s around roughly half of the London Marthaton. Check out the crazy video of the campaign below.

Credit goes to agency Mindshare.

Nike T90 – Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt In Hong Kong

Nike T90 Mobile Application Hong Kong

To promote the launch of Nike’s T90 boot amongst teens during the Euro 2008 period, a series of black and white markers were posted in Nike stores, subway stations and magazines throughout Hong Kong.

Once you find a marker you text in the keyword on it to download a special Nike ‘Augmented Reality‘ application. After you load the app and point your phone camera at the code it becomes a virtual 3d T90 boot and ball which rotates as you move your phone around it. Within the 3d graphic is a special code which users text in to continue the hunt and also be entered into a sweeps stake for Nike merchandise.

This is slighly more complicated than the others but it works because of the target market in Hong Kong.

The agency behind this goodness is The Hyperfactory.

Click here for the video.

Nike WAP and iPhone Apps & Sites

Nike iPhone Sites

Nike have launched a whole host of lovely looking WAP and iPhone sites which focus around various campaigns or products, including dedicated Air Force 1 and Nike Zoom sites.

Some of the functionality is far and beyond what you normally get with mobile sites such as 200+ sports video and 800+ product profiles.

Check them out here.

In October they also launched the Nike ID iPhone application, check out the video below:

It’s hard to pick a favourite but I’m going to have to go with the Times Square billboard because of the sheer scale and mass handset reach. Whats yours?