soocial logoYou know the drill, you wake up Sunday morning in a daze, scratch your head and fumble around for your mobile to check the time, you search your jeans, your jacket and then eventually realise –  it’s gone.

The next steps go something like this – Call network, pick new phone, start Facebook group, send and digg out emails/business cards and end up with maybe 10-30% less contacts than before.

I think most people can agree that the contacts are possibly the most valuable thing on the phone. I remember the story of one of my friends being robbed for his phone and asked to at least keep the Sim card with all the contacts on, the thieves took pity obviously knowing the pain of a lost phonebook and handed back the Sim before running off with the handset.

Soocial is here to ease the pain. It works by allowing you to store all your contacts to the service using over the air synchronisation i.e –  no cables. The data then goes onto the site allowing you to search, edit, delete and add contacts all for free.

It supports over 400 phones with no additional software, just simple sync settings either automatically installed via SMS or input manually. You can sync Gmail,Mac, Outlook and in the future, Blackberry.

Soocial screenshot

A couple of weeks ago I wiped my phone my accident, all I had to do was input the Soocial sync settings and everything was back on my phone again within seconds.

What’s more interesting is that Soocial have built an API to allow others to create cool applications using contact synchronisation. An example is My Name Is E, which hopes to achieve the holy grail of replacing paper business cards using mobile phones.

I think something like this should be spread virally across Facebook. The amount of group requests I get a month for from friends requesting numbers after losing their phone is insane. Definitely a campaign in there somewhere.

Soocial is about to launch a new version with exciting new features, check it out.