What better way to pay tribute to MJ then by creating anĀ Eternal Moonwalk made from thousands of videos sent in by Internet users. The directions for the video are simple, moonwalk in from the right, exit from the left. The site then pieces the videos together to keep that badass moonwalk going.


Nike did this 3 years ago with an online campaign called ‘The World’s Longest Soccer Chain‘ (no longer online) as part of Joga Bonito. The videos worked in the same way as the Eternal Moonwalk, where the ball needed to come into the frame from the left, the person would do a skill, then kick it out to the right, Nike then pieced all these together. Nike actually got a massive amount of user entries as well as a few clips from famous footballers here and there (see examples below)

I think this is a pretty good example of consumer generated content (CGC) done well, the campaign is closely related to the brand and taps into the fun side of the great game.


Check out the example below: