obama-mobile-SMS-GhanaThe Obama Gov really knows how to use mobile to support his presidency and bring key issues to not just those who live in the USA but to the entire world.

His speech in Ghana tomorrow will be available to people around the world via SMS in conjunction with Clickatell. Anyone can sign up to get the highlights in English or French just head over to the registration page and put your country in. In Africa you can actually sign up directly on your mobile by SMS which is a great move when you think about the stats revealed about mobile usage in the Google campaign.

Now check this out – once you are registered you can send back comments during the speech which if selected, will appear on the america.gov site. President Obama will then answer selected questions directly by radio broadcast in Africa.

Seriously shouldn’t this win a D&AD or something? The President of America is running a 2-way international SMS campaign where he might even answer your question…?