Coca Cola Mobile Credit GiveawayCoca-Cola is about to give away 50p worth of mobile calling credit with every purchase of a Coke product including Dr Pepper, Sprite and Fanta.

The promotion is obviously aimed at teenagers and allows the purchaser to redeem credit (PAYG and contract!) using a code on the website. 32 million promotional packs will be available in stores from the 1st August. It will also be supported by TV and outdoor campaigns

I really think this campaign could be one of the most interesting case studies in mobile this year. I’m glad that Coca-Cola are supporting it with TV and outdoor too, it’s not often you see this happening with mobile campaigns. Even the packaging on the drinks has been tweaked so consumers can identify the packs more easily.

dr-pepper-50p-mobile-creditIf this is successful we will no doubt see more companies looking to attract the youth market with free calling credit offers.

In focus groups for mobile advertising the question is often asked “What would you expect in return for receiving mobile advertising” and free calling credit always gets a positive response. This is the same business model as Blyk of course but now it’s being applied to selling soft drinks.

Coca-Cola has done deals with all the major networks to get this going, they probably purchased a big lump of credit at a massive discount from the operators.

I’m Eagerly awaiting the outcome of this one.