Free mobile access to Facebook

Social Media‘ is the buzz word right now across brands, agencies and advertising in general. They all want a piece of the action, where ever the consumers go in their millions, brands are never far behind.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are on the hit list for many companies, it allows interaction between consumers and brands on a more personal level. You can now comment on products you like, share them with friends and in many cases get responses to your questions and feedback. All this is great of course if your brand is loved by everyone but what happens when it’s not…?

If you’ve been on Facebook recently you have probably seen the Vodafone event invite in the sidebar as part of their new campaign.

Vodafone have launched a promotion giving all customers free Facebook access on their mobiles for one week.  To support the launch Vodafone have created a fan page allowing Facebook users to join events, get updates, post forum and wall comments.

Now this is the part where it gets particularly interesting as the amount of fans has reached over 50k with over 77k joining the Facebook event Vodafone have started for this.

That’s a pretty good turn out but suddenly Vodafone have enabled all of these people to have a voice about the brand. Although (very) few are complimentary, the majority seem to either have something negative to say about Vodafone or pointing to superior competitor deals in the market – which I think is worse.

You can delete a comment saying ‘Vodafone is shit’ but what do you do if someone says there are much better deals on Orange, Three and O2?

Three and Orange are offering free Facebook, Bebo and Myspace with a £5 or £10 top up and O2 have unlimited internet tarriffs for the iPhone, all of these are mentioned in the comments.

Check out some of the comments I’ve picked below. If you’re a Vodafone customer reading about how everyone else is already getting all this stuff free for longer than a week wouldn’t you start considering a change?

On top of this there are tons of comments with bad language, it looks like it’s becoming hard for Vodafone to moderate which is another issue with allowing people to comment.

Vodafone Free Facebook Negative Social Media Comments