3544934203_56ac05cb73_mThis little random Yahoo! campaign caught my eye the other day on the bus to Oxford Street.

Yahoo! ads seem to be appearing on various bus routes in London with the call to action of “What do you see?” Here’s the rest:

Share your brilliant view with others.. it’s easy! MMS your brilliant photo taken from this bus to 07786 201 809 and you could win a Brilliant Thing!

You can see loads of others at www.brilliantbusviews.co.uk. Enjoy the ride.

Yahoo! MMS Mobile CampaignWhat do you see?’ floor stickers have also been placed around London telling people to share the view with others and take a picture from that spot. The spots have a keyword that the user needs to include with the MMS such as ‘SPOT060’ allowing Yahoo! to identify where in London the picture has been taken.

Once you send in a picture it turns up on the Brilliant Bus Views Flickr page (MMS is a feature of Flickr), you can also use E-mail or add it to the Flickr group. About 251 photos have been uploaded so far some are quite cool, the best pictures seem to end up on the Aren’t Things Brilliant blog.

Yahoo MMS CampaignI can’t find anything about this campaign online either, I’m assuming it’s just a mini brand awareness campaign? I like what they have done with the floor markers over London and the unique keywords.

Wonder what the brilliant prize is?

In this spirit of the campaign I decided to take a picture from my view on the bus..