CBS Pepsi Print Magazine Containing Video

Who needs QR codes and alternate reality applications when you can just throw an actual video into a magazine?

CBS in partnership with PepsiCo have come together to insert a paper-thin interactive video player into copies of Septembers Entertainment Weekly.

Pepsi is sponsoring Monday night comedy on CBS as well as running print ads in the magazine. There is no mention to whether the video will also run Pepsi ads or logos, which would really be a big step from a advertising perspective.

When the reader opens the magazine to the page containing the promotion, the small screen will start to flicker and then load the video. Segments featuring actors from CBS programs will briefly explain how to use the player which features several buttons on the page to change video.

We are always hearing about paper-thin LCD technology from the likes of Sony and Samsung. It never dawned on┬áme that it could make it’s way into print so quickly, I just assumed we would see slimer phones and TVs for now.

I don’t want to start saying this could save the print industry because it’s early days and must be extremely expensive (Pepsi said it is a one off). But over time costs will come down and it could become far more more lucrative revenue stream than print ads.

I just love the endless possiblities for creative and innovative print ads this suddenly provides.

Check out more info on this here.