It’s always interesting to watch different trends and behavior slowly emerge on Facebook. You can tell alot about the mindset of your demographic by keeping an eye out for reoccurring theme across different friends status updates whether it’s about a film, person, product or general feeling towards something.

When Facebook first came on the scene I remember it being a race to see who could get the most friends, this seem to define your real life social standing. On several occasions down the pub I kept being asked how many friends I had on Facebook and being constantly beaten by others with a few hundred people more than me. My reply of  ‘Yeah but how many of them do you actually want to speak to’ fell on deaf ears.

The mentality of quantity over quality might have had something to do with many users emigrating from Myspace where you usually just add anyone and everyone. Myspace of course was no where near as personal as Facebook back then, most people don’t even have there full or real name on there. Then on top of that you have fears of identity theft, getting sacked and various stalker behavior.

Over time users have realised that maybe adding people you don’t know that well and letting them go through all your photos, friends and personal info probably isn’t a good idea.  Check out the status updates from pals above, they are getting more and more common.

It all came to a conclusion when a friend recently said ‘How many Facebook friends are you down to these days?’