If you’ve ever been on a date and thought to yourself, “hmm will I fit out of the toilet window?” then Get Me Out Of Here (or Getmooh) is for you.

The service is pretty simple, you input the number to call and schedule a phone call online at a certain time and select which automated message you want to be played to you (or a friend). Then like magic an automated phone call is made that just might save you having to eat desert.

Getmooh is free to use, all you have to do is sign up and confirm your mobile number. Your phone number is also read out at the end of each phone call to ensure people don’t use the service for prank calls.


The site says you can use the service for “getting out of a sticky social situation or escaping a date” but lets be honest….you really want to set up an account with a old pay as you go sim card you’ve never used and call your mate at 4am on a Monday don’t you?


Another similar service is PhoneMyPhone which basically does just that, BUT goes one step further by adding the ability to repeat calling the number up to NINE Times . Their selling angle is that you can use the service to:

  • Find your cell phone
  • Receive daily wakeup calls
  • Set reminders for tasks & follow-ups
  • Remind family members to do chores
  • Remember to take medication

They also forgot to add:

  • Stalk someone and make them cry
  • Drive people insane
  • Get a criminal record

Who needs the alarm clock feature on your phone hey?