Over the last 4 to 5 years a monster has been slowly created as mobile phone companies make their phones better and more feature rich. Mp3 and loudspeaker capabilities have now become standard in even the most budget models meaning that every kid and teenager is armed with a mini annoying ghetto blaster.

If you live in London you have no doubt seen teenagers on the bus, train, wall outside the off license playing crappy sounding tunes from their phones. Ever wondered why they do this when the phone probably came with headphones/handsfree?

They want you and everyone else to hear how cool the songs are that they are listening to, a mix between showing off and defining themselves by the music playing. It doesn’t even matter to them that the tiny phone speaker doesn’t have any bass. I’ve even seen a few boys on bikes riding around with their phone sellotaped to the handlebars playing songs and girls group together to combine phones to create one giant treble speaker playing ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal.

This trend has mobile viral campaign written all over it. I can see school playgrounds and public transport everywhere overtaken by sounds of a genius campaign.

I don’t quite have the idea yet but seeing the the audio technology used in iPhone apps such as Sonic Lighter and Me2 is giving me a bit of inspiration.

The technology allows phones to relay information to each other via sound meaning you don’t need to fiddle around with Bluetooth for transferring small bits of data.

Check out the video below:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s defo a bloody annoying trend but something creative and good could come out of this. Or maybe a really uncool brand could jump on it and make the whole thing go away.