axe sms ad

What do you get when you take the Schiesser Bluetooth underwear campaign and use SMS instead? You get this ad from Axe deodorant (or Lynx if you’re in the UK). Click to enlarge.

The print ad displays a picture of a model looking like she could be naked and a call to action. The message says “To complete this ad send Axe to 2345 after 9pm”, once you send the text you get a picture message (MMS) back with the rest of the ad showing the model in her underwear. Great, so you paid 11p to basically look at a Marks & Spencer’s advert.

Although I think only allowing the user to text-in after 9pm is admirable, it surely doesn’t need to be done for this ad seeing as the reveal is something you would see on the front of a few magazines in a shop. What if you saw the ad at 4pm? Would you really go back five hours later?

The same sort of thinking applies to this outdoor ad where the light behind the poster comes on a night to reveal the bottom half of the model. However this one has no mobile call to action meaning if your kid is walking back late from football practice, well that’s tough because they are gonna see some skin.

axe outdoor ad
The agency behind these ideas is Lowe Gingko.