Back in May, I wrote a post about location based status updates on Facebook and how it was something we would be seeing soon. Location data on Facebook will add another dimension to the site, especially as nearly 20% of users are using Facebook mobile.

Today Techcrunch reported that Nokia are releasing a new service which will allow users to update your status with your location. The application is called Ovi Lifecasting and will tie in with Nokia’s Ovi Maps (part of the Nokia Ovi suite).

It works by detecting your location via GPS, allowing you to share it on your Facebook status with a link to a Ovi map. The example below puts in the address, postcode and shortened URL map link in the status update.


This currently only works on the N97 and is in beta stage. It really needs to work across all Nokia s40 and s60 handsets or pre-installed into new handsets to be successful. Otherwise this could just end up on the Nokia beta scrapheap.

Another problem is that Facebook is going to eventually do this themselves and will focus heavily on having the right user experience. There is no point of it working on just high end phones, it needs to work on EVERY phone to be useful, even ones without GPS. This really needs co-operation from mobile networks as they hold the key to user location data but many won’t allow third parties to get at it. Maybe that’s why Facebook is taking its time with this?

Is it just me or do you think having the location pasted in the status like in the image above would just take up too much space if you had more info to input?

For example if you said you were ‘Out with the boys on our way to a nightclub after we have a meal and a few drinks’ PLUS the location – how many lines would that take up if you checking the Facebook mobile site? You would only ever be able to see 2 status updates max. I think it needs to be in the same size font as the time stamp like below.

Again this is something only Facebook themselves could do.