Mastercard have released an iPhone app called ‘Priceless Picks‘ in conjunction with their agencies McCann Erickson and MRM which integrates with the ‘Priceless’ TV ads.

It’s actually quite a nice dynamic, social app which uses your location to show the nearest ‘priceless’ deals that other consumers have pointed out.

Deals are indicated by bubbles on a map, you simply tap on it to get more information. If you happen to find a priceless deal or place you want to share you can tag it to your current location and add further details.

I like how much effort has gone into this app to tie it in with the ‘Priceless’ proposition. The user generated aspect is cool too, although I wonder if the app will have enough ‘picks’ to still be useful if the amount of users is low.

It would be great if users got a discount at these places for using Mastercard or something so there is a reason to keep using the app.

The app is free to download.