It shows you how good some promotional websites are when 2 years after they’ve launched you still remember it and go back to interact.

The Orange ‘Good Things Should Never End website launched around November 2007. At the time I remember spending a lot longer on the site than my boss would have liked. It doesn’t have any mobile elements which you would kind of expect as it’s Orange, but that takes nothing away from it.

The site is vertical scrolling, never-ending web page packed full with little interactive elements. I was amazed at the amount of thought that had gone into each part, some even had hidden prizes inside them. All this tied in with the TV campaign message.

Buzz combats peer pressure

My favourite part of the site is Buzz, the talking box with arms who you can have a little chat with. Ask him any question, the responses are pretty good. Apparrently Buzz has over 22,000 possible answers. This is what bought me back to the site this week as I remembered Buzz whilst researching for another project.

It’s still live, so head on over to check it out. You can also enter your details for free SIM or wind up charger, that’s great considering the sites 2 years old. I’ve just ordered a wind-up charger so hopefully Orange are still fulfilling it.

Check it out

Agency Poke were behind the site and graphics by Hairy Teeth.

  • David Candero

    which website is it in tired everything couldnt find it

    • angela altuhhh c;

      did you find the orange website?


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  • marcjacobshandbagsus

    Now, I have known something about the Orange ‘Good Things Should Never End’ Never-Ending Website. Thanks for your sharing!

    • angela altuhhh c;

      how do you find the orange website?

  • angela altuhhh c;

    where can this website be found?! it’s like the highlight of my childhood. LOL but now i can’t find it :c

  • mckenzie logan

    is this creepy or not: in like the 3rd grade i tried to get on and i have to have an authorization like a name and password to get on and i don’t have the right one