Yesterday, I was thinking about some of the best mobile campaigns of last year and I remembered one in particular that definitely opened my mind up to the possibilities of using LBS for brand engagement rather than driving consumers in-store or redeeming coupons.

Many of you will probably have heard of Terminate A Mate, it picked up bronze for ‘Best LBS Technology‘ at the MAMA awards plus nominations for a whole host of others, although I honestly think it should have won loads more than it actually did.

The Terminate A Mate viral was launched as part of a campaign for the hit US TV-series appearing in the UK calledTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’.

The idea is that you select a mate for ‘termination’ by inputting their mobile number the website. A video is then sent to your friend containing their actual location with a message from a worried looking SAS/Armed police type guy saying that the terminators are after him/her knowing their location and to be afraid, very afraid.

There is a lot of complicated tech being used in this campaign, WAP, LBS and video but it puts it all together in a way that integrates perfectly with the Terminator story.  I love the way the map is placed into the video to show you where your friend is, that’s genius. It should set an example of how creative you can be with mobile to deliver your message.

The people behind this goodness are 20:20 London and Incentivated.

The site is still live and I really recommend trying it out while you can.