When I say future, I actually mean by the end of 2009.

Check out some of these handsets that are being launched by Japan telecomms company Softbank. All handsets are made by Sharp.

Solar Hybrid 936SH

The ‘Solar Hybrid’ is by far the most impressive handset. It gives you 1 minute call time for every 10 minutes charged by the sun as well as a UV rating in case you don’t want to get burnt. Amazingly it’s also waterproof withstanding being immersed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.


The Premium Waterproof 935SH

Like the name suggests, this handset can’t be penetrated by rainwater and comes with a PX5 and IPX7 rating for water resistance. Oh and they’ve thrown in a 8MP camera on the back too.


Aquos Shot 933SH

This one looks more like a digital camera than a phone. It comes with a 10MP camera with low-noise CCD sensor which makes it much easier to get great pictures.