There is a bit of a buzz going around the Internet with everyone trying to work out why the hell LG are willing to pay $10,000 for each of  five specific Chocolate handsets that are about 3 years old.

LG put out newspaper and online ads (below) across 12 countries with the five handset serial numbers. The competition ends today. Once you send your Chocolate back LG will do some verification, then send you your dosh and a brand new LG phone too.


Conspiracy theories are ranging from ‘the phones contain real gold circuitry’ to ‘they have experimental processors accidentally inserted into the phones’.

LG aren’t helping matters by being deliberately tight lipped over the matter.

This has got to be one of the best marketing campaigns ever. Lets face it, LG won’t ever find those phones across the globe since most people have probably thrown the Chocolate in the bin by now. If the phones were really that important then why would the competition only last 2 weeks?

So at the cost of creating the newspaper ad, LG have themselves some pretty big exposure on all the top blogs and forums. It’s just so simple.

I even read one commenter saying that if they knew a phone had the potential to be a winning lottery ticket it would affect there purchase choice. Something for manufacturers to think about.

Brilliant stuff.