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The headline says it all really.

Two girls lost in a stormwater drain in Adelaide, Australia, updated their Facebook status using mobiles instead of calling the emergency services on Sunday night. The Metropolitan Fire Service have expressed concern, bewilderment, disbelief that the girls chose to update Facebook rather than dial 000 (Australian equivalent of 999 or 911)

Australia’s ABCNEWS reported the story:

The 10- and 12-year-old girls updated a Facebook status to say they were lost in a drain on Honeypot Road at Hackham in Adelaide’s southern suburbs on Sunday night. Glenn Benham from the MFS says it was fortunate a young friend was online at the time and was able to call for help for them.

“It is a worry for us because it causes a delay on us being able to rescue the girls,” he said.

“If they were able to access Facebook from their mobile phones, they could have called 000, so the point being they could have called us directly and we could have got there quicker than relying on someone being online and replying to them and eventually having to call us via 000 anyway.”

Simply breathtaking.

[Via Mashable]