In an effort to save the last 700 primates alive in the world, the Ugandan Wildlife Authority has come up with a cool viral marketing strategy.

At the end of the month the UWA plan to release the largest ever family of captive gorillas back into the wild.

In an effort to raise funds and create awareness users of Facebook and Twitter will be able to ‘friend’ a gorilla and watch live footage of the animals eating and trekking through the terrain as well as new births.¬†All this is possible via geo-tracking and GPS technology.

The Ugandan National Park has 340 of the estimated 700 remaining gorillas worldwide so more publicity could not only help generate donations but also attract tourism.

This sounds interesting as the wording used in the press release indicates that it’s not just going to be another fan page but an actual profile. It’s also pretty cool you can track the gorillas in real time.

Can’t wait to see the news feed update of ‘Mr Gorilla….is no longer listed in a relationship’