Back in July I wrote about the battering Vodafone received on their Free Mobile Access to Facebook fan page by the sites users. Now it seems to be Honda’s turn.

Last week, Honda released photos of their new vehicle, the Accord Crosstour.  So just like any company with an Internet connection they decided to set up a Facebook Fan Page to show all those Honda lovers whats in store.

Sadly the majority of the 6,300 fans could only manage to find new and creative ways to put down the car including “Being able to see this car with my own eyes really makes me jealous of Stevie Wonder” Ouch!

What I love when comparing this to the Vodafone attack is the difference in quality of insults the older demographic of car owners brings to the table. The younger audience on the Vodafone page was short, badly spelt insults with loads of ‘txt’ speak and slang. Compare this to the Honda replies which are actually pretty funny and generated quite a lot of inner fan-page conversation about how much everyone hates it. Good to see hatred bringing people together hey? Some ‘fans’ have even gone as far as Photoshopping the Accord so it looks like various objects such as a basketball trainer. Brilliant!


Honda actually had to release the following statement on the fan page because of the sheer amount of criticism letting users know they are listening:

The key points:

“There are more photos on the way. Maybe it’s like a bad yearbook photo or something, and we think the new photos will clear things up.”

“We think the Euro wagon is a cool vehicle, too, and we appreciate the feedback… but a version of that wasn’t our intention here.”

“Many of you don’t like the styling: It may not be for everyone. Our research suggests that the styling does test well among people shopping for a crossover.”

“While specs on the vehicle aren’t finalized, we’re trying to get some stuff together that we hope will satiate some of your curiosity and give you more to think about.”

“We removed comments that were posted contrary to American Honda’s consumer-generated media policy for associates: We must first clearly state that we are Honda employees and that a posting is a personal — not Honda’s — opinion. Eddie forgot to add that, so his comments were removed.”

So props to Honda for trying to deal with that mess, now lets wait and see how this sort of thing affects sales or if it’s just people venting anger because Facebook makes it so easy.