Amnesty Internation Eye Ball Tracking Domenstic Abuse Poster

This new campaign from Amnesty International is definitely one of the most innovative I’ve seen this year.

The ad aims to bring awareness to the problem of domestic violence, which as we all know happens behind closed doors, usually when nobody is looking.

Camera technology within the billboard works by scanning the nearby area and tracking eyeballs. When the person looks at the poster it shows a seemingly happy couple, however when their head is turned away it changes to the male punching the female. There is a slight delay in the picture changing, just enough to figure out what’s going on.

It fits perfectly with the core message of  “It happens when nobody is watching”.

This is a great poster that delivers a very powerful message so it pains me to find out it’s only at one bus top in Berlin, which indicates it’s mostly award bait. It’s a bit sad that the only people who will actually hear about or see this campaign will generally be in the advertising industry.

It wasn’t a shock to find this ad picked up a Cannes Silver  Lion

The agency behind this is Jung Von Matt.

[Via Copyranter]