After posting about the Augmented Reality enabled front cover of Esquire, I got into a number of conversations about the possibilities of AR and where it was heading, as well as the pros and cons.

One of the downsides to AR is that the black and white marker used to activate the technology is pretty ugly and can limit how you incorporate it into designs and campaigns. I remember several occasions where I’ve tried to add some flair to a QR code for a client and it felt like I was polishing a turd.

You basically just have to slap it onto things. Occasionally you see some brilliance like the Louis Vutton code.

During this discussion the guys at the digital/mobile agency Movement alerted me to this Burger King augmented reality piece by Crispin Porter + Borgusky.

The user holds up a one dollar bill and the app overlays all the items on the Burger King menu which are $1 as you flip the note. Great tie-in.

What’s interesting is that the marker is the dollar note which instantly opens up endless possibilities in execution. Exciting stuff.

Head over to Bannerblog to try it yourself.