Ok that headline is almost true..

HotPrints is the printing service which allows Facebook and Bebo users to easily pull photos from their profiles to make printed photo albums.  Their competitive price point ($2.99 per album) has made them something of a hit with over 20,000 books printed this year.

This month HotPrints have started a advertiser supported program where books will be free of charge (1 per month!) and come with removable full page inserts from sponsors.
Unfortunately no ads will be printed directly alongside your photos, as that would have been simply awesome, imagine your parents wedding anniversary sponsored by Tesco.

The exciting part is that HotPrints is using demographic content from Facebook such as region and profile data to pair users up with appropriate brands. We’ve already seen examples of the type of information you can extract from Facebook in the Orange Friend-O-Meter quiz website. Now that HotPrints is using this information for tangible goods, I wonder what other possibilities there are?

I love all these Free Love physical goods at the moment, I don’t care how daft the idea may seem, as a consumer I can’t really lose. Unfortunately I rarely get to sample these free goods as they always seem to be in far away places like Japan, such as the ad-funded vending machine. However HotPrints do worldwide shipping so go get yourself a free album before someone realises it’s unsustainable!

[Via TechCrunch]