If you’ve seen the Mr T Snickers TV adverts you’l know he has a massive dislike for nut-less men, he’ll do whatever it takes to get his message across, including trying to kill them with a tank. Well now he will even ring their mobiles telling them to sort their act out.

Snickers have launched a free automated Mr T prank call feature on the site. You put in your mates mobile number and select a reason why they need nuts, such as ‘He’s a tightwad, bad dancer, ditches the lads’ etc.  Your friend then gets a phone call from a angry, catchprase spitting Mr T.

Before the phonecall, an SMS is sent to your friend warning them about the call along with a link to the .mobi site if you want to make Mr T harass your friends whilst on the move.

Snickers have also thrown in some rubbish obligatory UGC and a pointless Facebook application. Why oh why.

The UGC element involves sending in evidence and stories about why your friends need to get some nuts. You can send in video, photo or text evidence and the one with the most votes gets £1000. Out of the massive 8 entries, only 2 have photos, the rest are just a couple of lines of text. Zzzz.

Even worse the Facebook app is basically just the automated call feature from the main website made into an application which only you can use. Why not just go to the main site? Do companies feel the need to make Fan Pages and applications for everything no matter how pointless? At least put a bit of thought behind it.

However it does give me a reason to post these videos, so it’s not all bad: