Nokia recently revealed the absolute ass-whooping the Ovi Store is receiving in comparison to the iPhone App Store.

The announcement at Nokia World confirmed that since May 26th, users have downloaded 10 million pieces of content from the Ovi Store. Compare this to iPhone App Store which surpassed 100 million downloads in the first two months and 1.5 billion after a year. The Ovi Store supports 100 Nokia devices and the iPhone App Store supports, wait for it…2.

Now remember ‘pieces of content’ doesn’t just mean apps but also lame things like ringtones, wallpapers, etc count too. I wonder how much of that 10 million is actual apps?

The Ovi Store had huge technical problems on the first day, Nokia underestimated the demand and consequently suffered outages meaning that for many people, it was over before it started.

The technical issues weren’t the only problems with the Ovi Store user experience. The Ovi Store requires the CRAZY backwards step of having to find, download and install the Ovi Store client before you can use it.

If I wasn’t a mobile phone enthusiast I would have given up on the Ovi Store the very first day it was launched. Apart from the Nokia server problems it took around 3 tries and 40 minutes to set up on my phone. The end result was a clunky and slow store with some poor quality applications that neither provided a good service or enhanced the handset.

The process that I had to go through makes me wonder how many regular mobile users actually bothered to try the Ovi Store or did the majority of the 10 million downloads just come from tech heads, phone geeks and fanboys? Consumers and brands don’t really seem to know or care about the Ovi Store.

Nokia still don’t understand how important experience is these days. No longer can they get away with endless menus, crap graphics, unintuitive interfaces and poor end products. Consumers eyes have been opened by the iPhone and Android, they expect working services and high standards as well as amazing apps.

Considering the poor download figures for Ovi Store the decision not to develop a Facebook app sooner has clearly cost Nokia. Facebook has 300 million users yet still no Nokia application. Madness.

I really don’t see a bright future for Nokia unless they do something drastic. They really should get rid of Symbian and try Android. The more they build on top of Symbian the worse it gets, the N-Series phones can barely handle flicking through the menus after 6 months of use.

‘Innovate or die’ seems to fit Nokias situation perfectly.Market share is constantly being lost to Apple, Rim and Samsung, how long before Nokia are at 20% share of the market (down from 50%)? 2 maybe 3 years?

nokia 5800Decisions like releasing the 5800 Xpress Music phone with a stylus was just embarrassing. Yeah take that Apple! We’ll show you and your glossy touchscreen – look at our tiny little plastic pen thing, wait… oh we’ve lost it on the bus. Nevermind.