A couple of weeks back I wrote about the fantastic Orange ‘Good Things Should Never End‘ website and how much fun it was to play around with. Well it turns out their agency Poke Fallon (in conjuction with Unit 9) has managed to go one better with the bloody brilliant Friend-O-Meter.

Friend-O-Meter utilises the information available on your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace accounts to quiz you on your friends. The multiple choice questions range from ‘What percentage of male to female friends do you have?’ or ‘Who’s birthday is it in October?’. Pictures also appear asking you to match the face to the friend.


Oh and to top it off, the person with the quickest and most accurate answers wins a Motorola DEXT and the title of ‘Best Friend In The UK’.


There are also nice little touches like the break dancing robot and being able to update your status with your score (encouraging others to get involved).


The site is promoting the new Motorola DEXT, the first Android phone from a major manufacturer. DEXT comes with a feature called MOTORBLUR which basically aggregates all your social networking sites into live home screen widgets. Try the simulator here.


This site ties in perfectly with what the Motorola DEXT is all about and also with the Orange ‘Together we can do more’ message.

Just goes to show you the variety of data that you can pull out of Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to make campaigns have that personal touch. It’s what makes the quiz so engaging to the point where I’ve already spent an hour trying to go up the rankings.

So to recapped Fun+Social Networks+Prizes = Greatness.

Make sure you head over and try it now. Let me know if you beat myscore of 93.6% booya!