You know the drill, it’s the end of the month and you’re racing to do your expenses so that accounts can process them in time for payday and you seem to be missing enough receipts to a) make up for the actual amount you spent that month or b) buy yourself Fifa 2010 for the Playstation 3.

Well no longer do you need to ask every cab driver in town for an extra couple of blank receipts thanks to this expense report generator.

Ok so that’s not entirely the point of this great online tool from the upscale steakhouse restaurant Maloney & Porcelli. It’s actually to attract more corporate client lunchers who have been extremely cautious about putting $50 steaks on expenses in the current financial climate.  And seeing as the restaurant is right next to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Blackstone, you can imagine that this sort of clientele makes up a large amount of their customers.



The thinking behind the expense generator is that it makes it easy to turn your frivolous steak(s) with your client into something more responsible like a taxi fare or office supplies. Simply input the amount of your Maloney & Porcelli bill and the generator will produce a number of realistic looking receipts for other things to fool your accounts department. Forget trying to sign blank receipts with different handwriting and types of pen, this is the future.

What happens if you can’t finish your giant pork shank and want to take it back to the office in a doggybag? Won’t the accounts team see your Maloney & Porcelli bag and suss you out? Well M&P have got your back with a range of unique camouflaged ‘stealth’ bags … ones that bear the logos of ‘cheaper’ restaurants such as Chipotle, Sbarro and Olive Garden. Genius.


Messages outside the restaurant also played on the recession theme.

bigbreadstickssm (1)

They also inserted steak knife-shaped leaflets in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times which had the message ‘Stealing business from your competitors requires killer instincts‘ with the inside reading ‘also, steaks. giant steaks.‘ Nice.


The agency behind this is Walrus – the agency website is b.a.d.a.s.s, you can never go wrong with a talking walrus.