heroThe mobile network 3 has announced that it will be launching a tariff which will bundle a Spotify premium subscription along with their first Android handset, the HTC Hero.

According to Techcrunch:

“The offer will come in at £35 a month over 24 months plus £99 for the Hero handset. That tariff includes unlimited use of Spotify Premium on both the handset and the owner’s PC for 2 years, 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited texts, unlimited data, and other usual 3 tariff features like free Skype calling.”

I’m really intrigued about this and although I think it’s a great move I’m not sure if the tariff is that attractive. You still have to pay for the phone and 24 month contracts are just depressing.

Eventually the price will come down but will I wonder what this does to the perceived value of the Spotify premium service? The main pull behind it is listening to music ‘ad-free’ in return for paying £9.99 a month but once operators start throwing it into tarriffs who is going to bother paying full price?

I can’t wait to see what people do once their 24 month contract is up, will they continue to pay for Spotify premium even if they move operators or will they resort to stealing music after getting it for free for such a long time?