I’ve been studying these brilliant videos over the last few weeks for a project I was involved in and thought I should put them all in one place and share them with you.

They show how mobile phone and devices will be such a core part of our lives in the future, featuring in everything we do from work, family, health and fun. Many of the things you see in the videos are already in development, Microsoft Surface being one example and others such as NFC & Augemented Reality are readily available today.

The following question asked by the Microsoft Office Labs website is a perfect lead into the videos:

How will emerging technology improve our productivity in the years ahead? What opportunities will arise from evolving trends and global change? Microsoft has collaborated with customers, partners, and thought leaders across multiple disciplines to develop scenarios that explore how long-term trends, customer challenges, and emerging technologies might converge to improve our lives, both at work and home.

Check them out: