Remember that Nike billboard in Times Square where you could create your very own trainer in real time on the giant screen? Well it looks like Toyota are using that exact same space for their new Prius Experience iPhone application.

The application itself allows you to explore the Prius interior, play mini games, interact with Prius print ads using the camera as well as draw. This campaign centers around the drawing function where you can draw directly onto the environment of a moving Prius, it then reacts to the shapes and objects drawn.

For example the app may ask you to ‘draw a tree’, then once you’ve drawn it with your finger, your tree drops into the background behind the moving Prius.

Once you finish your lovely finger drawing, you’ll be presented with the option to submit it to the digital display in Times Square. All drawings are updated in real time, you can check out the webcam of Times Square here. I’ve been watching for about 5 minutes and haven’t seen any drawings of genitals so I’m guessing it’s moderated.

If you’re wondering what the hell finger drawings have to do with the Prius, it’s all part of Toyota’s overall theme which is ““Harmony Between Man, Nature and Machine”. That totally explains it.

I love the ability of using a iPhone app to interact with the digital billboards, it can create a massive wow factor for a product or brand. The thing is, this campaign hasn’t really wowed me, I feel like it’s a lost opportunity to do something really cool with that giant screen but instead you have some quick UGC doodle thing that doesn’t quite make sense.

The press release is here.