Check out this great video from Touch showing the possibilities of using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags inside of physical objects to control media playback.

It gives you some fantastic insight on the tools brands, agencies and advertisers will have at their disposal in the future. That is of course providing NFC enabled phones actually take off, but all it takes is a handset like the iPhone to step in with it and change the market. According to this patent application by Apple, that might just happen.

The even bigger picture is using your phone to interact with everyday objects and devices (also the basis for my NFC concept). Explained simply in the picture below.


What is even more excitin is the exploration not only about the phone reacting as output for an object but also as the input.

Imagine waiting for a bus and the shelter has a digital displaying showing a advert your not interesting in. You simply swipe your phone over the display and it automatically sends your pre-set interests to the screen to show something that you are more likely to be interested in. Minority Report styyleee!

Ok more realistically imagine planning your route on Google Maps mobile then simply touching your car with the phone once you get in to input the journey into its satellite navigation system. Or maybe it could transfer over your Spotify playlist to be played over your in car entertainment system.

The possibilities are endless.