I’ve never owned a 4×4 before but I can imagine the temptation to drive around like your in a monster truck is huge. One woman in Canada could no longer fight the urge and decided to drive over a few cars with her BMW in a Ontario gym parking lot.

Security cameras caught the whole thing on tape and before you know it, the video has 1.7 million views on YouTube. Check out the video:

The driver leaves the scene not before smashing the crap out of one Blue Hyundai belonging to Todd Jamison. However after the video hit the net and started racking up views on Facebook, The DailyTelegraph and YouTube, Hyundai Canada decided to jump on the opportunity a week later and give Todd a brand new car!

Of course they then filmed the whole thing and put it on YouTube (132,000 views in a week):

A big win for Hyundai here, really used this scenario to their advantage and made a customer happy. For the cost of one car they have been getting bigged up across Twitter and tons of blogs for 1 week now. This makes a great case study.

Should they have given the other crushed car owner a Hyundai even though it was from another manufacturer? Do BMW get any props for the X5’s off-road capability?

[Via Mashable]