I’ve been keeping an eye out for developments with NFC after the TV and Radio advertising concept I sketched out a while back.

I think it’s going to take someone like Apple to get NFC maintstream, there is much talk of them sticking NFC capabilities in the next iPhone after they filed a patent for such a feature.

However in the meantime, here’s the first NFC peripheral called iCarte:

“iCarteTM is ideal for iPhone users who want to use their iPhones for fast and secure contactless payments, transit payments, loyalty rewards, checking balances, top-up, discovering new services from smart posters or kiosks and exchanging information with other NFC phones. Business iPhone users can use the iCarteTM for commercial applications such as asset tracking, document tracking, healthcare, security and access control.”

Although this is nice, I doubt if consumers are going to buy NFC adapters, this stuff really needs to be built in the phone itself to work.

[Via Touch]