Wireless power is awesome. It goes without saying that the potential of this technology is huge for consumer electronics, automotive and even health industries.

Imagine the day when you can sit at your desk without kicking 5 power cables everytime you stretch out. Amazing.

Big companies like Nokia, Dell and Intel are racing to develop this technology so they can make billions the world a better place, but only once they’ve laid rest to consumer fears of getting blasted with cancer everytime they turn on a wire-free TV.

Powermat is one company looking to bring wireless power into the home and office by providing a solution for those damn one or two charging cables you have on your desk.

For the small price of £70 you can have a mat where you can charge up to 4 devices by wireless power including the iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and Nintendo DS Lite and DSi device.

Bit steep, but it sounds great right? No more wires! Wait right there, I forgot to mention that every device you have needs a special case that costs around £30!


The Powermat can charge four devices but the mat itself needs a powerlead so you are only actually removing THREE BLOODY WIRES from your desk at the cost of £190.

But wait yet again! There’s more! What if you need Powermat on the move? Well you should probably shell out £79.99 for the...portable Powermat! Please save me. What problem is the portable mat solving?!


When I first heard about Powermat, it sounded really useful. At the time I ran a handset testing lab with over 50 phones so this could have worked well, but every handset would need a special case at a cost £1500 in total it’s just not worth it.

In July the EU told all major handset manufacturers to adopt a universal charger system using micro-usb for all their phones by 2010. That pretty much kills off Powermat, who were probably in production at that point.

They actually spent around $10 – 15 million on advertising campaigns. Check out the TV ad below.

Why didn’t anyone put these people in front of the Dragons Den???