Does your child own a mobile phone and still believe in Santa? (Is this even possible?)

If so then TextSanta.net is the service for you, for a mere $5.49 an SMS can be sent to your child appearing to be from Santa himself.  A choice of three pre-set SMS message themes is available, here is a sample:

Hi <insert name here> It snowed a foot here@ the North Pole! Elves had 2 dig my sleigh out of the snow Hope the weather n St. Louis is good.cu soon luv Santa

You can also insert your own custom message and schedule the time for the SMS to be sent.

..and that’s about all it does.

However Text Santa does give $1.00 from that hefty fee to March Of Dimes which is a charity which improves the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

A cheaper way to do this is to put your number (or someone else’s) into your childs phone contacts as ‘Santa’ then send them a text with the desired message. If they aren’t smart enough to figure out Santa doesn’t exist then they probably won’t work out what you’ve done.

….then give extra to the March of Dimes with all that money you saved 🙂

You can donate here.

[Via Textually]