Have you ever wanted to send a parcel to someone but didn’t know their address? You’d probably be like most people and just ask for it, but what if you only knew their Twitter username or email address? (cue Psycho shower scene music)

SendSocial allows you to send parcels without the recipient disclosing their address. It works by letting the recipient know via Twitter or email that someone wants to send them something. They then have the choice to either accept or decline, if they accept, SendSocial will request their details and address.


The sender is then given a barcode to print out which the courier (fulfilled by MyHermes) scans on pickup to identify where it needs to delivered. This keeps the receipients address hidden.

One of the benefits of SendSocial is that it’s very competitively priced – parcels start at £3.99 for up to 2kg, rising £7.99 for one weighing between 5kg and 10kg. That’s quite a big saving off Royal Mail, I can see this being great for cheap eBay deliveries.

It’s a really interesting service, I’m eager to see how it’s used not only for businesses but for stalkers that can now send flowers and pants to their Twitter idols.

[Via @_Antonella_ & Telegraph]