After seeing that Konami are streaming advertisements into Playstation 3 games, this stat caught my eye. especially as Google is eyeing up in-game ads too.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has just sold 4.7 million copies in it’s first day in North America and the UK, this equals $310 million in sales. In just one day!

To put that in context, the box office hit Batman – The Dark Knight grossed $158.3 million during it’s opening weekend.

With numbers like that you can bet game companies will look to monetize even further with ads, the trick is mixing ROI with unspoilt gameplay.

[Via Fast Company]

  • Jonathan

    Yea the first modern warfare was one of my favorites, and i played it all the time. It was short but lovable. I’m definitly looking forward to playing the 2end modern warfare oneday, problably not soon though cuz i am broke.

  • jeff saltsman

    this game is BA

  • Keir

    This game is the best first person game i have ever played and it proberly will be for a long time

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  • jacob allen

    this game is the best so i would pay $$$ for it it is the bomb

  • Tricia Tina

    Can’t wait for new game.