It’s Christmas time and ad agencies are usually about to send out their lovely little holiday messages to their clients and staff. These always have some creative flair, showcasing what that agency does best and letting the client know that their business is in good hands.

ogilvy_chrimbellLast year Ogilvy released the Chrimbell iPhone app, the virtual Christmas-carol-playing-handbell got loads of positive reviews. Releasing it on the App Store was a genius move, not only do you show your clients that you are down with all the new technology but the exposure can win new business. Plus the rest of the public get some fun out of it too.

It’s so simple and effective. If you’re in the advertising, whether it’s mobile, digital etc this sort of stuff should be on your list. Better than a Flash e-card right?

This year Ogilvy have done it again with a White Christmas application which adds snowflakes to any photo.

And you don’t just have to go mobile, check out the video below from Christmas 2008 by AKQA, 1.8 Million views on YouTube, lots of love being shown for that too.

Ogilvy 2008 App Chrimbell Video

AKQA 2008 Christmas YouTube Video