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Standing by and watching Augmented Reality’s meteoric rise is becoming more and more interesting every day.

The Metro, a popular free London newspaper, featured this one page article on Augmented Reality this week. It focuses on the Transformers AR campaign ‘We Are The Autobots‘ which turns your head into Optimus as well as some other lovely creative AR executions.

Although one page might not sound much, this is a bit of a big deal. The Metro is read by 1 million people everyday and for it to run a educational piece about AR speaks volumes. It seems like AR has been around no time at all, I think it first came onto my radar around 18 months ago.

It took around 4 years for a similar article to appear about QR Codes (below) in a mainstream newspaper in the UK. Although admittedly that one had more pages dedicated to it and some interactivity using your mobile, oh and a page 3 model. But this is a start, how long before a major newspaper in the UK has some AR markers on that relate to articles?

Newspapers like The Guardian could utilise their online video content for certain stories and make the news come alive. That way they wouldn’t have to go through the expense of production unique AR content like Esquire did.