The previous post about using Augmented Reality at football matches got me thinking – what information would I want instant access to at a football match?

I quickly knocked together these mock ups while it was still fresh in my head. Things like stats and video highlights from the game would be great, especially when you miss a goal or chance because you left to go get a burger.

You could even take it a step further and add voting functions for man of the match or some sort of social network integration (which I haven’t quite thought of yet).

Can you think of anything else?

The statisical data would come from live XML feeds such as ones by Press Association. Tracking players isn’t as hard as it sounds, there are some (amazing) technologies like Player Tracking:

STATS utilizes a sophisticated technology software algorithm to collect the X/Y positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in real-time. Complex algorithms are employed to analyze the accumulated data streams and compile meaningful information and insights with incredible precision.

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Disclaimer – I don’t support Manchester City.