The previous post about using Augmented Reality at football matches got me thinking – what information would I want instant access to at a football match?

I quickly knocked together these mock ups while it was still fresh in my head. Things like stats and video highlights from the game would be great, especially when you miss a goal or chance because you left to go get a burger.

You could even take it a step further and add voting functions for man of the match or some sort of social network integration (which I haven’t quite thought of yet).

Can you think of anything else?

The statisical data would come from live XML feeds such as ones by Press Association. Tracking players isn’t as hard as it sounds, there are some (amazing) technologies like Player Tracking:

STATS utilizes a sophisticated technology software algorithm to collect the X/Y positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in real-time. Complex algorithms are employed to analyze the accumulated data streams and compile meaningful information and insights with incredible precision.

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Disclaimer – I don’t support Manchester City.

  • Dean Collins

    not without some significant funding it wont.

    check out apps like which are the intemediary steps to get there.

    • Murat

      I’ve already had emails from several companies who think they may have cracked it…

      Plus, if that tracking data is available through APIs on, it’s not as hard as you think

  • Simon Edwards

    Strikes me as a technological overkill.

    It might be different at Mcr City but if someone got out their iPhone at Goodison to lookup how many goals Phil Neville hasn’t score for Everton, then they’d be one iPhone less.

    As a tech solution proof of concept then its interesting.


    • Murat

      Hmm I just read a tweet from someone taking a dump, I think the time for worrying about technological overkill has long gone.

      Ha if someone got their iPhone out at Millwill, the augemented menu would also need to have a option with “How to avoid a stabbing”

  • satz

    Very Interesting concept you have. I had to thought floating about of all the different way to track players from sophisticated image recognition technology. (Using data to identify players by shirt colour and number) to veri chip rfid tracking the players with sensors installed on the pitch. Then i thought rather then all that its easier to just have app that you could just type in the player name or number and it brings up live stats and feeds in relation to that particular game and the history of the player. also another idea was live in game betting system.

    • Murat

      Nice ideas! thanks for the comment

  • Joe Nash

    It’s a very interesting concept, but I think you are underplaying the complexity of the StatVU tracking system. It’s all very well being able to track where the players and the ball are in 3D space, but the problem is tracking where your phone/camera is in 3D space. The SportVU system works because it uses cameras in a static position, or cameras which are specifically designed to be tracked. With a user’s mobile phone, there are no ways (YET) of being able to work out exactly where the player is sitting.

    However, the other way of doing it would be to track the players visually (as satz mentioned above). But again, at present the resolution of cameras on phones is not high enough for this to be possible.