There is no doubt that the success of the iPhone has played a massive part in the development of touch interfaces. One of its greatest innovations is multi-touch, which is starting to appear everywhere, including the trackpads on new Mac laptops .

What’s going to be interesting is seeing how people utilise it in completely unique and exciting ways. This is one example which has impressed me recently.

The guys at Moto Labs have  developed a full-scale version of a Blackjack table with resistive multi-touch. The logic behind it goes like this:

Gaming is an ideal application for multi-touch screen technology. Replacing physical tokens, chips, cards, or game pieces with virtual items eliminates tedious setup, distribution, and cleanup tasks while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of gameplay.

So a touch screen gaming table might not sound bleeding edge, but check out the natural gestures for hiding your cards and dealing:

And what about the other opportunities for casinos?

It’s easy to go one simple step further and envision casinos adding RFID readers to these tables, enabling loyalty card usage and a bevy of targeted marketing opportunities.  Users could place drink orders, pay for food, buy tickets to the show their neighbor just talked up.

Remember that RFID (or NFC) is eventually going to feature on phones at some point in the future so waving your phone across the table could personalise your gaming experience. It could even bring online and offline worlds together.

Great stuff.