God damn you Nike, letting your agencies run wild and be massively innovative with the brand. How dare you.

I totally missed this campaign which ran in the summer, it’s brilliant all round. Nike teamed up with the guys at Tour De France to display messages of “hope, perseverance and love” with the road-printing Chalk Bot.

The robot was programmed to paint text and online messages in yellow chalk along the 2,200 mile route of Tour De France bike race. The messages were aimed at being inspirational to the cyclists and push them that little bit further as part of the Lance Armstrong Livestrong campaign (Lance beat cancer to come back and win the Tour De France several times and now spreads awareness).



After the Chalk Bot prints the message, it takes a picture of the road, logs the time and GPS location then sends it back to the user. Amazing.



Check out the Chalk Bot photogallery

[Via Switched & Trendhunter]