The whole point of applications is to enable functionality that isn’t available in mobile browsers at this present time. It’s not often you see a app playing second fiddle to it’s WAP counterpart, especially for a service like Facebook.

If you look at the iPhone Facebook App, it’s rich in features and adds functionality which isn’t possible on the mobile site. Things like chat, full screen images and photo uploads make it a much more enhanced experience worth the 2mb download.

However the Blackberry Application is a big let down, in fact it’s such a weak experience I find myself using the WAP site for my daily social networking needs. The Facebook mobile site is one of the slickest you’ll see, it’s very simple and has a almost flawless user experience that works across hundreds of different handsets.

The only area where I think the Blackberry App wins is the notification system, a little icon appears on your homescreen when there is some activity related to you. Nice.

After speaking to all my friends with a Blackberry it turns out that no one uses the app, they all find it easier to log onto the WAP site. What about you?