It’s been such a long wait I was beginning to wonder if it even existed. Sekai Camera has finally launched for the iPhone.

In the summer 2008, the mobile world was buzzing with the annoucement of the application at Techcrunch 50 (a tech innovation conference). It was one of the first iPhone applications to use Augmented Reality in a way that had never been seen before.

If you haven’t heard of Sekai Camera, it uses the iPhones camera as a viewfinder to overlay tags and information onto actual objects around you. This info is pulled in from servers based on your location and the direction you are facing. It’s a interface between the real and virtual world.

Tagging is bascially just like bookmarking, only in rich multi-media way. The tags can be images, audio, text and video, they can be made by you or your community.

Check out the video below to see the demo.

If you have a iPhone, head over to the App Store to download it now by clicking here.