I first tried the Facebook Advertising Network a few days after it launched. The first thing that hits you is the targeting ability, it’s absolutely insane, think about all the personal information on your Facebook profile – age, workplace, marital status, fan pages, birthday, all that and more can be targeted for advertising.

This is why I think one day soon we could see Facebook develop into a mobile advertising network especially when they get involved in location, not even Admob can target that good.

I recommend you try Facebook Advertising for yourself, even if it’s just to mess around with the targeting settings. It’s fascinating watching the audience estimates go up and down as you add and remove more criteria. If you own a blog, Twitter page, LinkedIn profile or any website at all and have always wanted to try it, now you can with this $50 voucher. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

This credit only works for first time users of Facebook Advertising, more instructions about what to do with it here.

$50 Facebook Advertising Coupon Code: 66KT-39T1-F56K-5N9N

Expiry date: Must be used up by March 2010.

You can choose either CPM or CPC with the ability to set daily budgets, allowing you to stretch that voucher out over the course a few weeks. Or you can throw caution to the wind and blow it all in one day. And why not?

My Campaign

Check out my recent campaign for this blog using the same voucher. I decided to target Facebook users that were between the age of 20-49, and worked at advertising agencies and tech companies.  This equalled 71, 260 users. Cool hey?

So how did my campaign do?

0.018% isn’t amazing but probably not far off similar sorts of adverts. To be fair I’m advertising a mobile blog and not ‘Meet hot singles!’ or Mafia Wars like most of the other ads on Facebook so I shouldn’t expect too much.

How many of those 44 people translated into new readers? Sadly I forgot to add campaign tracking on my Google Analytics profile so I’ll never know.

Head over to Facebook Advertising and give it a go.