Friend 1 (23 years old, works in TV)

Friend 2 (22 years old, works in the airline industry)

Sometimes when you work in marketing/tech/digital/mobile it’s easy to forget that there are everyday consumers of all ages and backgrounds who just don’t ‘get’ services like Twitter and Foursquare.

I’ve still only got 7 friends on Twitter, 3 of them are active, the others haven’t tweeted in months.. and they all work in the same industry as me. My other friends aren’t the slighlest bit interested in Twitter, they have no idea why you would have Facebook and a Twitter account, especially as everyone is already in one place.

The same will happen with Foursquare, I know it’s only been in the UK for a couple of months but its reputation certainly hasn’t proceeded it, at least with all my friends anyway. So I asked them to join and use the ‘find people’ tool to see how many of their friends might have it.

Out of nearly 1500 people – zero.

I like the idea of Foursquare, but hate having to join another service. When Facebook rolls out location they can simply cherry pick the best features of Foursquare and that will put the service in a bit of trouble, maybe they are aiming for a¬†acquisition? Until then I’m going to try the service out, but like Twitter, without any friends on you kinda lose that personal connection.

Lets see how it pans out in a few months.